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When it comes to your healthcare, you need a way to stay connected with your physician and others that care about you. Thanks to recent regulatory changes and depending on your coverage, “these services may be available at little or no cost to you.”

How We Help Individuals

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Daily Vitals Monitoring

Everyday, members will upload their blood pressure and it will be looked over by a medical professional. If there are any abnormalities, we will escalate it to the appropriate care provider.

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Wellness Surveys

These days, anxiety levels are up 30% from last year. We touch base with you quarterly to help you be proactive about your care needs. If there are any concerns, we have a well qualified team to help you.

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Flexibility and Access

With remote patient monitoring, members have the option to receive top notch medical care from the comfort of their own home.

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Peace of Mind

Checking your vitals before or after a meal is all you need to keep you connected to a safety net of support. If you qualify, equipment is provided at virtually no cost to you.

Our Software Solution

Whether you are looking for a fully managed, enterprise,                or hybrid solution for RPM, TCM, CCM, or other Telehealth solutions, please fill out a contact form.

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COVID-19 Remote Monitoring, We Can Help You

95.5% Of Americans Who Were Monitored Recovered From Covid-19 Within 9 Days, Tap To Learn More



Remote Patient Monitoring



Remote Patient Monitoring


Remote Patient Monitoring