Our Solutions for Providers

As a fully managed solution, we offer remote patient monitoring, transitional care management, and telemedicine solutions without the hassle of upfront costs, training costs, and no major disruptions to existing operations.

How We Help Providers

Physician Practice

Physician Practice

As a fully managed solution, we educate and train your staff and members to the benefits of the program. This program helps your patients get the care they need at the time they need it with access to daily vitals updates and wellness check ins.

Managed Care Organization

Managed Care Organization

We collect physiologic and mental health data in order to improve your plan’s utilization of resources for each member. Our technology improves and empowers communication between care providers, patients, and families.

Our Software Solution

Whether you are looking for a fully managed, enterprise, or hybrid solution for RPM, TCM, CCM, or other Telehealth solutions, please fill out a contact form.

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