About ICC Purpose

Our Purpose is Yours

We are a management services organization that specializes in key aspects of you operation. We spend the time and focus on improving clinical and financial outcomes for your practice.


Patient Intake Support

  • Coordinated care model to maintain high quality, improve outcomes, and lower costs
  • Economies of scale resulting in reduced client costs

Staffing Support

  • Decrease the cost of labor with fewer necessary visits required
  • Extensive physician alignment and healthcare data expertise to lessen Medical Director and executive costs


  • Successful transformation and expansion into new markets
  • Improved data collection and scalability based on patient acuity
  • Tether clients to ensure primary contact after a change of condition


  • Streamline training costs with employees that are cross-trained for charting in Electronic Medical Records (EMR)


  • Experience with all insurance products, including commercial, Medicare, Private Pay, PPO and ACO


  • Compliance with all state and health plan audits, regulations, and guidelines

Who We Serve

We understand the individual needs of each one of these service lines separately.

Hospice/Palliative Care

  • Improve access and data collection across network
  • Decrease amount of night and weekend OT

RCFE/Board & Care Owners

  • Enhance conversion from prospects to move-ins
  • Increase resident length of stay

Home Care

  • Increase hours on service
  • Increase revenue

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