About ICC Transport

Medical Transport Solution

We are a medical courier service that is medically certified and has trained CNAs, LVNs/LPNs, and phlebotomists nationwide. Skilled in universal precaution and infection control procedures, each driver is equipped to handle a wide array of medical courier demands.

Types of Transportation

  • Critical Care Transport (CCT) – Two EMT’s and one critical care nurse
  • Basic Life Support (BLS) – Two EMT’s
  • Gurney (G) – Two non-clinical persons
  • Wheelchair (WC) – One driver

Additional Types of Transportation




Integrational support staff
provided, no need to hire


No expertise needed
to implement the program



Home Care Services Beyond
the Curb

Users Features and Benefits

ICC-Transport connects you with our Non-emergency and Emergency Medical transportation drivers. The app allows you to easily book or schedule your emergency vehicle for a safe ride to or from a doctor's appointment, hospital, nursing home or any other location.

What to Expect

  • GPS Tracking with your smartphone, no having to enter an address
  • Loved ones will be able to track your vehicle on a live map, with our location share feature
  • Schedule a pickup time and date in advance
  • Choose the type of transport vehicle you prefer
  • Transparent pricing within the app estimate
  • Total cost breakdown at the end of your trip
  • You are only charged for the time and distance travelled
  • Detailed list of past and upcoming trips 

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