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How Does Telehealth Bring Physicians and Patients Closer Together


Welcome to the ICC-Health Blog! Today we are sharing a topic about which we are passionate, Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and telehealth. We believe RPM and telehealth are part of everyone’s medical future, and we are featuring Sean Chapman, CEO of Alert Ease, an innovative Remote Patient Monitoring solution allowing healthcare providers to focus care where it is needed, their patients. Sean made a guest appearance on the Healthcare Corner show, our podcast program that has real healthcare conversations for the everyday consumer. 


Sean Chapman, CEO of Alert Ease, did not start his career in healthcare, but he has proven to be a great addition to the industry. Sean has had extensive experience in contract negotiations and executive-level communication and has trained many professionals to better understand and help consumers. Sean’s experience in virtual training has transferred over to telehealth and RPM. Sean was given the opportunity to join the healthcare industry a couple of years ago and is excited to continue his journey. 

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